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What Our Patients Have to Say


"The staff are not only great with the animals but they are excellent with people as well. You don't normally see that." - Chris Peslar -

"My sweet cat Fester was sick, I thought he just would need some medicine, but Doctor Wetzel found out he had kidney cancer. End stage, nothing would help him. Doctor Wetzel and staff were very helpful and empathetic. They gave us time to say good bye to him, and we were allowed to hold him and stay with him and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge peacefully. It was very traumatic for us, but they all were so nice and understanding. The important part was, we could go inside (with mask, if course) with Fester, and stay there with him. Unlike other veterinarians, where one has to wait outside, and if they have to put a furry baby to sleep, one can be lucky if they do it outside, but many do it without the family being allowed to be with their pets. Brighton Animal Hospital is not like any of the others, they are very special. I have many more senior cats and dogs that need care. I will stay with this veterinary clinic, and recommend it to anyone that needs a knowledgeable and understanding vet and vet assistants. I received a beautiful card today with very sweet condolences from Dr Wetzel, Heather and Kirsten. I appreciated that very much." - Eliza Reptilekeeper -

"I could not have had a more pleasant experience at Brighton today. I have cats for the first time and that comes with lots of questions. The staff could not have been more patient and more kind than they were with me. The office is gorgeous and clean, the atmosphere positive and calm. There were other pet owners leaving and it was clear the staff cares about the owners as well as their pets and wants to have a good relationship with each. Everyone from the receptionist to the tech to the doctor is beyond wonderful. I legitimately wanted to hug each of them before I left, but COVID, and that’s weird. I am excited to establish a relationship with them and take my kitties here for years to come." - Melissa Blake -

New and Existing Patients

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